Twickerz Strategy Guide to Success

What’s on this page?

  • What is Twickerz?
  • How do I earn money with Twickerz?
  • How much money can I make?
  • how do I get started?
  • Renting Your First Referrals
  • Submit your referral link on Website and get Free DRS
  • Twickerz Level 3
  • Where to Share
  • Final Thoughts

Twickerz is one of the best classiest PTC sites out there, and it is similar to other programs such as Neobux, but with a different payout structure. As with all Paid To Click programs and money-making opportunities out there, no one and nothing can really guarantee you success, since your earnings will depend on effort that you’ll be putting into it.

Twickerz offers a way to earn real money each day, and can even become a supplement to your income with as little as 15 minutes every day.

Twickerz has more than 20 advertising to click every day, and a few other ways to earn money. One thing that I like about Twickerz is that there are a lot of various choices and it is a really good looking site since they last facelift and thus make it a whole lot of fun using it.

What is Twickerz?

Twickerz is a PTC (Paid To Click) service where members earn a small amount of money for viewing C. It is 100% legitimate and Twickerz is possibly one of the best promising PTC sites. Advertisers on Twickerz are fully aware that members are being paid to view the advertising, so it is a fair system to all.

How do I earn money with Twickerz?

There are 3 basic streams of income from Twickerz:

  • Income from your personal actions on the site (doing mini-jobs, viewing advertising etc).
  • Commissions paid to you from (Rented Referrals – RR).
  • Commissions paid to you from (Direct Referrals – DR)

How much money can I make?

If you are willing to put a small amount of time each day, and you follow this guide, you should be able to make well over $800-$1,000 every month spending less than 10-15 minutes every day. It will not happen too fast, but with some diligence, this is certainly an achievable goal already reached by many of the Twickerz veterans.

how do I get started?

If you have not already Register for Twickerz, Register here.

Think something to about… if you have 200 direct referrals (DR) but they are uneducated about Twickerz and quit, you won’t make money from them! My goal is to help you acquire ACTIVE Twickerz referrals so that you make more money easy. Typically, educated referrals are active referrals!

After you have registered, continue to

The First Two Weeks

This guide assumes that you upgrade to Twickerz Level 2, for $ 20. Unlike other PTC sites, Tweickerz pays to upgrade really quickly, the sooner the better!

In my opinion, the first 2 (two) weeks are “make or break too” with PTC users. Sadly, the lack of education will leave many behind, and thus fore you are at the right place to avoid missing out on this great opportunity.

Your work is to get into the daily routine of viewing all the advertising assigned to you. It is vital that you and your referrals click all advertising available. Twickerz has shorter timers on many of their ads, and there are a lot of advertising available each day, which means more money to be made!

Earning your first $1.00 so you can begin the referral rental (RR) process

  • TIP: Twickerz offers several many ways to earn: TwickGrid, Viewing Ads, Paid to Sign Up, Downline Commissions, Video Walls, Offerwalls, and more! There are usually enough advertising to make $.25 to $1.00 every day. This may not sound like a lot, but remember, this is just the beginning.

You are not going to earn so much during the 1st two weeks, but it does not take to long to reach your first goal,
15 days * approx. $0.10 / day = $1.50 … Trivial as it may seem, $1.00 is your first goal.

  • Your Goal #1 – Earn $1.00

If you are interested to start and invest some dollars in your new Twickerz business, there are instructions in Renting Your First Referrals

Renting Your First Referrals

Congratulations!! It’s difficult to make it through the 1st 15 days. A lot of people quit before this point… and guess what, this is where the fun starts.

Once you have at least $1.00 in your Twickerz account, you have enough to 5 RR. As mentioned above, you can your business by invest some dollars of your own and begin renting Twickerz referrals sooner.

Before you do, just read this:

  • Goal #2 – Rent 3 referrals by clicking the “Rent Referrals (RR)” button on your account home page.
  • Goal #3 – Turn on “AutoPay”

I prefer Autopay = Enabled because every day your referrals are active, they pay for themselves to be extended. This way, you do not need to worry about this, how much money to reserve for re-rental. Autopay is a must!

  • TIP: There is a discount applied when using Autopay as well, another good reason to use it!

Assuming your 5 rented referrals (RR) stay active, you will earn the following:
5 RR * 20 RR-clicks at $0.001 every = $0.10 / day
Clicking advertising assigned to you, still approx $0.15 / day
For a total of $0.25 / day.

  • Within 4-5 days you can rent 5 more referrals, and be earning $0.35 / every day
  • A few more days, and you will be able to rent 5 more referrals (now you will have 15 Rent Referrals ) for a total of $0.45 / day.
  • The week after that, you will have enough to rent 15 more referrals (now you will have 40 Rent Referrals) for a total of $0.95 / day.
  • At the end of the 4th week from when you rented your first Rent Referrals (RR), you will have enough to rent 35 more referrals (now you will have 75 Rent Referrals) for a total of $1.65 / day.
  • And so on…

Continue viewing your assigned ads every day so that you can earn your rented referral (RR) income, and when you save up enough money to rent more referrals, get them! The more rented referrals (RR) you have, the more you will make. I recommend choosing one of the rental days, and renting as much money as you can on your Twickerz account that day.

  • Goal #4 – Continue until acquire 250 RR

Yes, It will take some time, but remember, you are building a business and passive income with just a small time commitment every day! It goes pretty fast since RR increases your income, and increased income allows you to rent more referrals. Can you say “snowball effect?”

  • TIP: 250 RR * 20 RR-clicks at $0.001 every click = $5/day … It will take about three weeks to save up $100 for Twickerz Level 3

Once you have 250 RR, stop renting and save up $100 in your Twickerz account. I will explain this more in Twickerz Level 3.

Submit your referral link on Website and get Free DR.

There are so many ways to acquire direct referrals. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, forum signatures, AdWords, and a list of places towards the end of the guide! This is all valid and I encourage you to use any marketing skills that you have to promote your Twickerz business.

Check out our article on 10 Easy Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC (Mega Post). It is full of information about how to get direct references for any other PTC / GPT program here.

This guide can be a powerful tool for you to get free direct Twickerz referrals without spending any single money or much time getting them. Not only that, but Twickerz referrals that register using the guide are more likely to understand how to use Twickerz properly… this will make you more extra money and help them be successful as well.

  • TIP: You should do this now because you may get some direct referrals now and then for free!
  • TIP: There is a lot of focus on RR, but the people who make really best money make direct referrals (DR) a priority as well.

Twickerz Level 3

Now that you have 250 RR, stop renting and save up $100 so that you can upgrade to Level 3. Once you go Level, you will double up your income nearly immediately since the payouts are 2x – 10x for your clicks and RR clicks!

  • Now Goal #6 – Upgrade your account to Twickerz Level 3

Here is your income before Golden:
250 RRs * 20 RR-clicks at $0.001 every click = $5.00 every day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks)

Here is your income after you go Golden:
250 RR * 20 RR-clicks at $0.002 every click = $10.00 every day (plus DR-clicks and your personal clicks)

Once you’ve gone Level 3, begin RR again. It’s tempting to cash out, but you really want to get to the maximum number of RR and DR so that you earn as much as possible.

  • Goal #7 – Build your RR to 2000 and continue to upgrade to Level 4.

Resume your rental process and acquire 2,000 RR. This will not take too terribly long since by now you should be earning over $250-$300 every month.

2000 RR * 20 RR-clicks at $0.002 every RR-click = $80/DAY (plus your DR-clicks and your personal clicks!).

Once you have saved enough to upgrade more, do it so you can earn more extra from your RR and gain more benefits. By now, you will already be laughing all the way to the bank so enjoy your new job!

Where to Share

Check out the new: “10 Easy Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC (Mega Post)“ guide! It is full of information on how to get a referral for any PTC / GPT program here.

  • Classified advertising: Craigslist/others – People are always looking for some extra income on those sites. I (the webmaster) found Neobux through Craigslist.
  • Sites like Fiverr where you can pay someone $5 to share your guide on the web!
  • Answers sites: Wiki Answers, Yahoo Answers, etc. – Lots of people are asking how to get NeoBux referrals or make money home, let’s show them!
  • Social Media: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc – It’s a good habit to share with friends and family!
  • Blogs: Tumblr (be sure to add tags to your post so people can search for it!), WordPress and Others.
  • Forums: Money making, GPT Forums, etc.
  • Interstitial advertising: EasyHits4U is pretty cheap and works very well.
  • Other PTC networks! PTC sites with AdGrid almost always have cheap advertising, and you can also ads

Final Thoughts

Mathematics Mathematics, not magic.
For the sake of mathematics, the formulas used by Twickerz are set up for you to be successful, if you are committed to your own success. It is not difficult, but it takes diligence. Mathematics does not lie, and it is not magic. The numbers speak for themselves.

Promises and guarantees.
Twickerz is not a rich quick program, but if you are treated as a job/business you can certainly earn significant extra income. The examples used in this guide are accurate, however, you should understand that not all of your RR will give you 20 clicks per day… some will give more, some will give less. So in this sense, the examples are correct, but your experience will be slightly different. Obviously I cannot promise you wealth, but I can guarantee that you will make money with Twickerz if you follow this guide!