Top 5 Google Penalty Checker Tools in 2019

Running a website at this date and age is easier for those who do it right. You can use google penalty checker tool that control various aspects of your site to improve site performance. For example, you don’t have to stay in the dark without knowing if SEO efforts will pay off. You can always use to get accurate information on whether your SEO campaign is on the right track. Another area of your website that you can manage is knowing if Google has penalized you and why.

Top 5 Google Penalty Checker Tools

Find a list of 5 Google penalty checker tools that are always available in 2019. tools that you can use in 2019 to be always in the loop.

01. Fruition Google Penalty Checker

This is a tool that works with Google Analytics. You can use the free version or get more features from paid options. With the free version you can:

01. Check two sites for penalties from Google.

02. Check out the chart to clarify the impact of the penalty on your site.

03. Get accurate results for the past 3 months.

With the paid version you get more options like:

01. Continuous monitoring of more than 2 websites

02. Personal support

03. Comprehensive impact reports from Google

04. Ability to share reports

05. Probabilities that a site has been impacted by recent Google updates

02. MOZ’s Change History

This isn’t really a tool, it’s technically a list, but it’s popular with website owners who want to know what penalties have caused traffic to drop unexpectedly. You already know that Google updates its algorithms frequently. With MOZ change history, you can track updates from Google and understand what is currently affecting your search results. If you have a report, you ’ll see a list of all important updates along with the date this tool was updated.

3. Rank Ranger

This is an all-in-one tool that gives users timely updates and feedback on Google’s latest algorithmic changes. It avails easy to read charts even when you are using it for the first time. This comes in handy because Google will not always announce changes it makes to the algorithms. Using this tool means that you immediately comply with the ranking factors to avoid penalties from Google.

4. Panguin

Panguin has been designed to help with Google Penalty checker in a simple manner. Connecting your site to a Google Analytics account allows you to sign into Panguin for free, where you can immediately view your penalty graph is one exists. Logging in allows you to view a line graph for the past two years of your websites organic and new users. You also get to see if there are any algorithm changes that have affected your traffic over a two year period. The accessible and informative tool is a great choice when you want to check out various concepts and patterns that are behind Google Penalties.

05. SEMRush Sensor

This is a unique google penalty checker tool that monitors search results and activity daily. This means that you can immediately identify SERP changes and be aware of any algorithm changes that may occur. Users can also add their own websites if they want to investigate and analyze keywords and pages that provide SERP volatility feedback. You may want to know that it provides color-coded results and makes it easier to translate and perform the necessary actions.