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Welcome to Scarlet Clicks, the new queen of the PTC industry !!

How to earn scarlet Clicks
Scarlet Clicks

Are you looking for a PTC website with high rental referral activity?

Are you looking for a PTC website where rental referrals are easy to operate !!!

Scarlet Clicks has now been voted on by many PTC users with the best rental referrals as PTC.

Scarlet clicks is one of the most interesting PTC (pay-to-click) websites launched in 2009 by Greece’s Dimitrios Kornilatos, owner of another popular PTC website – GPTPlanet. For the past 8 years, Scarlet clicks has proven to be a timely payment PTC for its members. The fact that it has been around for 8 years and is still going strong in itself is an indicator of the credibility of the manager of the Scarlet Clicks.

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How to Earn On Scarlet clicks

Like any other PTC website, members on Scarlet clicks are paid to view the advertisements on the websites.

As a standard member earning money from Scarlet Clicks is limited.

You get about 4-6 ads worth 0.001 each and 20 ads worth 0.0005 and about 10-20 ads worth 0.0002 each.

Scarlet clicks earn
Scarlet clicks ads

But as an upgraded member can income from Paid ads is much more.

In addition to the above ads for standard members, you will receive 6 premium ads worth 0.01 worth each. That’s why revenue from paid advertising alone comes out to about $ 2 a month.

Premium ads
Scarlet clicks premium ads

In addition to clicking on paid ads, there are other ways to earn on Scarlet clicks:

01. Income from Direct Referrals.

Scarlet Clicks gives you amazing earnings from referrals. As a Standard Member, you receive 40% of your earnings, meaning if your referral earns $ 1, you get paid 40 cents immediately. This is just a passive income.

If you are an upgraded member like the Silver or Golden Members annually, that income goes up by 40% to 100% !!! This means that if your Referral earns $1 then you get paid $1 immediately! Wow.

02. Rented Referrals

The earning from the rental referrals is same direct referrals.

For Standard Members, you receive 40% of your Referral Income although you will receive 0.0004 for each referral click which is worth 0.001 per click.

For all non-archived members, this increases to 100%, it’s meaning you get 0.001 getting on every rental referral click.

So if you have 200 Rented Referrals clicking 6 Ads per day, you will get

200 x 6 x 0.001 $=1.2 $ per day and 36 $/monthly from rented referrals.

Details are given below

03. Offers (called Paid To Sign Up -PTSU offers )

04. Clix-grid.

Amazing Rented Referrals

The most positive aspect of Scarlet clicks is the amazingly rented referral. Scarlet clicks offers the most active rental referrals at prices, which is much cheaper than other PTC websites. It’s been 3 years since I have been working on different PTC websites with different successes. Scarlet Clicks offers better rental referral activity than any other PTC where I have been working.

Rented referrals activity :

The establishment of referrals filed on Scarlet clicks is compatible with both booklet sites such as Neobux such as cost and rental referral activities. The table below shows the cost of a rental referral and is comparatively cheaper than Neobux. They’re not only cheaper but certainly more efficient than the ones in the Neobux. I have been an active member of neobux for the past 3 years and I was first surprised at the activity of my rent referral. I was skeptical thinking that they would be activated soon but to my surprise, they were active, quite the opposite of my Neobux RR.

In my experience working with Neobux, most rental referrals click or click a nonprofit once a 40-45 click. But here at Scarlet-Clicks, the rental quotes are still actively clicking after about 600 clicks (note that RR 1 click is for members of Scarlet Clicks with 10 clicks who have upgraded membership on both websites. Have done). So 600 clicks on Scarlet clicks is equal to 60 clicks on Neobux.

Scarlet clicks rr
Scarletclicks Rented referrals

The image above shows my most active and old RR. The old RR has been working for me since July 2017 and is still very strong. Compare this with my Neobux RR – most of them are inactive after 40-45 days, after which I am forced to recycle them !!

Rent referrals on Neobux are very active within the first 20-25 days, and then their activity becomes very predictable. Most go away for unprofitable by 40 days. But here at Scarlet clicks, they stay active for a long time. So you don’t have to recycle them quickly and don’t have to spend a lot of money to recycle inactive RR like Neobux.

Cost of Rented Referrals
Cost of Rented Referrals

Same as Neobux, Scarlet clicks also offers discounts for extending Rented Referrals for up to one year.

Scarlet clicks discounts:

  • 30 days- 5%
  • 60 days- 10%
  • 90 days- 15%
  • 150 days- 20%
  • 240 days-25%
  • 365 days- 30%.

So how much do you earn from Rented Referrals?

It depends on your membership. Scarlet clicks 5 types of memberships:


For every Rented referral click:

  • 0.004 $ is credited for standard members.
  • 0.001$ for every click for All upgraded members (Silver /Gold/Gold plus /Diamond members)

From my experience, most RR usually 4-6 clicks every daily.

So if you have 200 RR, monthly income only from RR clicks will be (on an average) ;

(200 x 6 x 0.0004) x 30= $14.4 For Standard member.

(200 x 6 x 0.001)= $36 For Silver/Gold/ Gold plus/Diamond members.

Managing your Rented Referrals:

Unlike NewBox, renting referrals on Scarletclicks is a lot easier to manage. This is because most referrals are active. There is a general consensus among members of Scarlet clicks to recycle those who have been inactive for more than 4 days.

Because Rented referrals on this site is so easy, it is not necessary to break your head in trying to find out what is the best strategy to recycle your rental referral. There is no need for a Heady Referral Manager. Another positive feature of Scarlet Clicks is the simplicity of managing rental referrals.

Positive features of Scarlet clicks :

01. Amazing Rented Referrals

  • High Rented Referral activity
  • Cheap
  • Easy to manage

02. Unlimited Direct Referrals

There is also an option to buy direct referrals if you do not want to spend the time and money to get them.

03. 100 % Direct referral income

For all upgraded gold/ gold plus/ Diamond members.

04. Trusted Admin

Scarlet clicks is one of the few PTC websites that pays its members on time. The fact that this website has been in place for more than 11 years also shows that the administrator is really trustworthy.


  • Minimal income for Standard members both from paid ads and RR income. Hence to make any income one has to upgrade to at least a Silver membership. Which is a bit forced investment? But of course, once a member gets to know how to work on these he can easily earn well.
  • No Micro-tasks: At the moment Scarletclicks does not give you any micro-tasking like mini-jobs from Neobux or Tasks from Clixsense. All the investment to upgrade has to come from your pocket.

Scarlet clicks RR VS Neobux RR

Neobux is ​​often regarded as the No. 1 PTC website on the Internet. This may be true if you consider the potential for earnings and the total membership of Neonux. But if you analyze the neobux carefully, you will find that only those members who have hundreds of active direct referrals or who have a membership of over 10,000 RR are making any significant profit through Neobux. It demands a large investment of around $ 1000 or $ 2000 or more.

After working on Neobux for 3 years with 1000 RR, I am earning peanuts from Neobux despite having 1000 RR and a golden membership.

So what’s the reason for the low income on Neobux?

It’s the RR. Unless you are an ultimate member, you not gonna make a significant income from RR !!!

So how do you compare the RR on neobux against those of Scarlet Clicks?

01. Scarlet Clicks RR( Rented Referrals) are much cheaper then neobux RR.

Just see the pictures, ScarletClicks RR is much cheaper then neobux RR.

Neobux rr
Neobux RR
Scarlet clicks rr
Scarlet clicks RR
02. Scarlet Clicks RR is far more active than neobux RR.

A. Higher Primary Inactive rented referrals on neobux.

If you buy 100 RR (rented referrals) on Neobux, it is likely than 10-15 % of them will never click even once. They get auto-recycled. I called this the Primary Inactive RR.

I have 180 rented referrals (RR) on Scarlet Clicks, till now this is 0%. That means no RR on ScarletClicks has ever failed to click at least once out of the 180 rented referrals (RR) I have on Scarlet Clicks.

So, the percentage of Primary Inactive rented referrals (RR) on Scarlet Clicks is nearly 0-1%, while it is about 10-15% on neobux.

B. Duration of rented referral activity.

I did a detailed analysis of rented referral activity on my 1000 (RR) rented referrals on neobux. I found some amazing facts:-

  • The most active RR are those who are new below 15 days.
  • Most RR on neobux become inactive after 45-50 clicks.
  • Beyond 45-50 days most RR stop clicking or do so in a very unprofitable manner, So you are forced to Recycle them or suffer loss.
  • Ultimate members will succeed because of the 7- days inactivity automatic recycling ie if a RR is inactive for 7 days it is recycled free of cost. As a Golden or a standard member do not expect to make much money from RR

I have been a member of Scarlet Clicks for nearly 3 months and the RR I bought 80 days ago are still very active.

So we see that Scarlet Clicks RR continue to remain active for much longer than neobux RR.

03. Scarlet Clicks RR are easy to manage unlike neobux RR:

Scarlet Clicks RR is very easy to manage. Based on observation of the many RR personally and also from experienced users who gave shared on the forum of Scarlet Clicks it is noted that if a RR has stop clicking for more than Four days, than that referral will most likely not click again ever !!

So on Scarlet Clicks recycle any RR who has not clicked for Four consecutive days !! It’s SIMPLE.

But neobux RR is very difficult to predict. The only predictable fact about neobux RR is that as they get older you have to recycle them. Otherwise trying to predict the activity of a relatively young RR below 45 days is like trying to catch the wind !! You simply can`t predict.

But once RR is old you HAVE TO RECYCLE them or suffer loss.

Conclusion: Scarlet Clicks RR is cheaper, easier to manage and is far more profitable than neobux RR !!. The Only thing great about neobux RR is that if you are an ultimate member, do not bother to recycle. You will still get profit due to the Seven-day automatic recycling.

Another positive feature about neobux RR is that if you are an ultimate member you can buy any number of RR !!

Scarlet clicks Strategy

Upgrade to gold membership: To make full use of the high RR activity and 100 % Direct Referral income !!!

If you are skeptical about an upgraded membership, you can try to upgrade for a month and check it before the year goes.

I am currently an Annual Silver Member which cost me 50$ ie 4.16 $ monthly

How much getting from being a Silver upgraded member :

More paid Advertising: As a Silver upgraded member I am getting daily 6 Premium ads each worth 0.01 $ apart from the regular advertising.

So, Income from paid advertising = 0.01 x 6 =0.06 $ x 30 =1.8 $ (from premium advertising alone)

More referral income: As a standard member I was getting 40% of my referral earnings both Direct and RR.

Now I am getting 100% of my referral earnings!!

Currently, I have 180 RR and 12 Direct Referrals (DR).

So, from the 4.16$ I have invested, I am easily earning about 3$ monthly simply from being an upgraded member (from Paid ads + referral income)

Upgrading is important because the standard members’ income is low. It also does not advisable to rent as a standard member – this will not be beneficial at all.

Rented Referrals (RR): Since RR is generally active, and managing them is also easy, having lots of RR is a good way to earn on Scarlet clicks. This is the key to having a high income.

Be active in the Forum: The forums in any PTC website provide an amazing source of knowledge about specific websites.

Tips to succeed on Scarlet Clicks


Click all ads every day.

Use the Buxenger app

This will help you save time. You do not need to click on each ad strictly.

Do not RR as a standard member:

As a standard member, you will be earning only 40% of your referral income. So it is not profitable. You will end up losing your investment.

Upgrade to Annual Silver membership:

Upgrading your membership and boost your income 2-3 fold. So it makes lots of sense upgrading to boost your income. So why Annual Silver membership – because it is cheap.

In order to sustain Gold membership, you will need lots of RR. So I suggest considering Silver upgraded membership which will cost you 4.2$ monthly ie 50$ /Annual.

You can try upgrading for a month before upgrading for the annual program.

Invest in Rented referrals: As described Scarlet Clicks gives you the Best RR of any PTC website. So I suggest you invest in buying lots of RR. Here they are easy to manage and are very affordable.

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