Neobux Strategy Earned $50+ Per Day

It was one of my biggest mistakes when I thought Neobux in the past was not a very good way to make money. One comment from the MoneyConnexion reader forced me to rethink about Neobux. A simple strategy has brought me $ 11,000 in just 8 months and $ 50 + a day continuously for the past 8 months.
I joined almost 4 years ago, but for almost 3 years I did not earn much. In just 8 months I earned almost 50 times, which I earned in 3 years.
Because of this, my recent Neobux review post was not positive, but after making over $ 11,000 in the last 8 months (see screenshot), I started to focus on Neobux.

So why is there such a big difference in Neobux's earnings?

Earlier I focused only on 2 great Swagbucks and ClixSense sites, where I earn 5 digits of monthly income and I wasn't sure if I could earn on Neobux, like on these 2 sites.
One of the comments from MoneyConnexion, which earned $ 100 daily from Neobux, I started to research based on its rented referral strategy and applied it to my account, and the result is $ 11,000 for 8 months and $50 + daily.
And I expect at least $ 70 and even $ 100 a day in the next 3-4 months.But don't necessarily expect the same result on your account because my account is more than 4 years old and I'm a gold member and the result may be different for different users.
And if you joined as a new standard user at Neobux, I think you can earn at least $ 20 a day using this strategy over the next 4-6 months with rented instructions. As your account ages, you can expect much more. If you haven't joined Neobux yet,

just sign up from this link– Neobux

Now you can be very crazy about this Neobux strategy.
How can an ordinary member earn $ 10 a day in the next 4-6 months and also work just 10 minutes a day?

Neobux Strategy to Earn $20 per Day

Maybe you are wondering how I will earn USD 600 per month on referrals? Well! Please, hold your breath and continue reading this article. After reading the entire article, you'll learn how you can earn $ 600 a month.
A word before starting work with Neobux
I assume you are a beginner and you have still no experience with PTC sites. However, I think that you clicked on the ads before and earned a few pennies on it.
I'm going to be honest here. PTC tasks will not make you rich overnight. Earning even the first $ will take a long time. So you must be very patient.
However, you can definitely earn up to $ 100 a day if you use the right strategy.
So if you are ready to invest at least 6 to 8 months, continue reading this article. Otherwise, it makes no sense to read the rest of the article.

How to Start from $0?

I assume you have no money.
You can simply register with Neobux by creating your username and password. You will become a standard member because you can join for free.
As a free member you can start earning through:
  • Clicking and browsing ads.
  • By using AdPrize, you can win prizes up to $ 50 or even free gold membership
  • Filling mini-jobs. NeoBux is one of CrowdFlower's external channels and is the most generous.
  • Completing Pollfish Surveys, which you can find on the summary/review page.
  • Completing coin offers that can be converted into money.
Even if you do not have many offers or tasks or you do not have such high earnings, do not lose your heart at first, because here we will pull the rabbit out of our hat.


What are referrals?
Referrals are nothing but other people like you who also want to earn money with Neobux. They will be your referrals who click on your behalf and you will earn money every time they click on your ads.
The more referrals, the more money you earn. That's why you need to get more referrals every day.
How do you get these referrals?
Before we answer this question, you must know that there are two different types of referrals in Neobux. Directly and rented!

What are Direct Referrals?

Direct referrals are the referrals that you will receive yourself. I explained 40 different ways to directly refer to any PTC site, including Neobux.

But unless you're an expert, you can't get more than a few dozen or 1-2 hundred referrals. That is why we do not deal with direct referrals in this article.
Just forget about it.
We'll talk about the system that Neobux gave us, and any standard Neobux member can use this system to get hundreds or thousands of referrals, and this is called rented referrals.

What are Rented Referrals?

Rental referrals are provided by Neobux itself. They are not free and if you are going to make $600+ in a month from them, you will have to buy rent/rental references.
One rented referral can be order $ 0.20 for 30 days. You must renew each referral after 30 days.
The rented referrals is a vast topic. So for beginners, I will try to keep it simple. However, in the next article, we talk about them in great detail.
For now, you only rent referrals from Neobux.
Neobux offers them in packages, and this is the cost of each package for a member who has no more than 250 recommended rentals.

Strategy for Reach $6 Per Day from $0

You may be wondering how you plan to buy these packages because I promised you would start from 0 USD. Well, I'm going to keep my promise and I'm ready to tell you how you can start at $ 0 and reach up to $ 6 a day.
Reaching your first $0.6 in a few days or a few hours should not be difficult if you click on advertisements, use AdPrize, complete Polish surveys and / or mini-jobs.
When you have a $0.6 you can rent your first 3 rental referrals for $0.6 Congratulations! You didn't spend any money out of your pocket.
Before we move on I would like to ask how long does it take to reach $0.6? It's only a few minutes a day! So, please do it.
Each of your rental quotes can click on 4 orange ads daily and you will receive $ 0.005 per click.
Step 1: 3 (Rental Referral) X 4 (Advertising) X $ 0.005 (per click) = $ 0.06 per day
Waiting Period: 10 days so it reaches 10X reaches $0.06= $ 0.6
Next is buying 3 more rent referrals with another $0.6. You now have 6 (3 + 3) rental referrals (RR).
Step 2: 6 (RR) X4X $ 0.005 = $0.12 every day
Waiting Time: 5 Days so it reach 5 X $0.12 = $0.6
See the difference. You made $0.6 in just 5 days instead of 10 days.
Now you buy another 3 RR with $0.6. Your RR is now 9 (3+3+3).
Step 3: 9 rented referrals (RR) X 4 X $0.005 = $0.18 per day
Waiting: This time 13 days, 13 X $0.18 = $2.34
Buy 10 rented referrals for $2 ($0.34 is in balance). RR = 9 + 10 = 19
Step 4: 19 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.38 every day
Waiting Time: 10 days, 10 X $0.38 = $3.8
Now $3.8 + $0.34(balance) = $4.14
Buy another 20 Rent referrals for $4 ($.14 is in balance). RR = 19 + 20 = 39
Step 5: 39 X 4 X $0.005 = $0.7800 per day
Waiting time: Another 10 days, 10 X $0.78 = $7.8
Now $7.8 + $.14 (balance) = $7.94
Buy another 30 rent referrals for $6 ($1.94 in balance). RR = 39 + 30 = 69
Step 6: 69 X 4 X $.005 = $1.3800 every day
Waiting Time: Another 10 days, 10 X $1.38 = $13.8
Now $13.8 + $1.94 (balance) = $15.74
Buy another 70 rent referrals for $14 ($1.74 in balance), RR = 69 + 70 = 139
Step 7: 139 X $.005 X 4 = $2.78 every day
Waiting Time: 10 days, 10 X $2.78 = $27.8
Now $27.8 + $1.74 (balance) = $29.54
Buy another 140 rent referrals for $28 ($1.54 in balance), RR = 139 + 140 = 279
Step 8: 279 X 4 X $.005 = $5.58 every day
Waiting: This time 16 days, 16 X $5.58 = $89.28
Now your balance $89.28 + $1.54 = $90.82
Finally, you have 279 rental referrals and you are making $ 5.58 per day. Now You can buy another 21 referrals and make it 300 referrals.
A standard member can only have up to 300 referrals and no more.
So, a Standard Member with 300 (RR) X 4 X0 .005 = $6 every day (if each referral clicks 4 orange ads daily).
This means 30 X $6 = $180 Per Month.
Just see this table to know how many days it took to reach 300 rented referrals and earning $6 per day.
So according to this table, it would take about 4 months to reach the 300 quotes that get you around $ 6 each day.
Now you'll get an idea of how you're going to make $ 180 a month,.starting with $0 dollar.
You didn't have to spend any money. However, all you have to do is be patient and only 10 minutes a day.