10 Easy Ways to Get Direct Referrals for PTC (Mega Post)

The easiest way to make money online on PTC and GPT sites, you have to click on the ads and complete other tasks to pay here.
But if you want to make big money from these sites, there are 2 important factors that play a big role in your earnings.

The first factor is to select the sites that are truly trusted and pay their members regularly, and another important factor is that you must have 100+ Direct Referrals
You don’t worry about this because I have done research on hundreds of sites & after working for months, I have listed some best sites given below-
And for other factors, I am going to show you 40 ways in this post that will help you to get 100 or 100+ of referrals.

10 Ways to get more Direct referrals

All 10 unique methods outlined here are unique and even if you get 5 Direct Referrals in one method, you may have 200 referrals.
And I’m sure if you have 200+ Direct Referrals you can make over $ 500 (Rs 30,000).
So here are 40 ways to get more direct referrals to PTC sites.

1. Tell your friends and relatives via email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

The first step to promoting your referral link is to ask your friends and relatives by sending an email, sms, or WhatsApp.
Each person’s phone directory has at least 500 contacts. So start sending your referral link by all means today. I’m sure you will get at least a 10% change.

2. Post on Social Media sites

This is my favorite method and I have received over 200 referrals by promoting my referral links on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Get it started by sharing it on your Facebook profile and posting it on your friend’s wall. You can join hundreds of active pages and groups on PTC’s Facebook, make money, work from home, make money easy, make money today, etc and post similar topics and your link anywhere
You can also promote other sites such as Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

3. Comments on blogs & YouTube Videos

This method also works great if you can write the best comments on blogs. There are millions of blogs on the Internet and one of the features of these blogs is that you can comment on articles on these blogs.
Readers of these blogs can see your comment, and if you leave your referral link in the comment, they can go directly to the PTC site and join.
You have to search for blogs related to topics like earn money, work from home, jobs online jobs, PTC, GPT, surveys online surveys, etc. and then write some good comments related to the post otherwise the blog owner will reject your comment.
Likewise, you can comment on most watched YouTube videos too so that people can see your referral link and click to join.

4. Distribute Pamphlets and Flyers

You can print out pamphlets and flyers with all the information about the site and referral links and distribute them via newspapers or directly to bus stations, schools, theaters, hospitals, and other public places.
The money you have to spend is not too much and you will be able to bear the cost. But the answer is very good.

5. Advertise on PTC and GPT sites

Re-advertising on PTC and GPT sites will ensure that your referrals to your site are in large numbers. You can even invest a small amount of money and advertise your best PTC sites.
Most sites offer you points to advertise on their websites or you can use your earnings balance to advertise for your other PTC sites.

6. Traffic Exchanges Free and Paid Both

You exchange traffic with others like you, who also need extra referrals. You can do this for free with the payment of money.
There are freeway limits, but you get more referrals if you go for a payment.
There are some sites that let you exchange traffic with others who are also looking for people like you. However, most referral exchange sites charge a fee to provide you with traffic.

7. Create a blog

Before we answer this question, you must know that there are two different types of referrals in Neobux. Directly and rented!
Creating a website and promoting your PTC and GPT sites through your blog is a great method. You can write reviews of PTC sites or use banners directly in your blog posts or sidebars with your referral link.
Creating a blog is very easy today. It makes very little investment.

8. Ad Swap

Ad swapping can be a great way to get more referrals. Plus, it’s free.
If you have a customer list, you can replace your listing with other markets on the Internet.
You just have to send them an email in the list, and they will give reciprocate in return.

9. Run a PPC Campaign with Google Adwords

You can sign up with Google AdWords and pay to run a PPC campaign with Google AdWords. You can get immediate and targeted traffic from Google.

Google AdWords

You can direct all traffic from your website and your website to your PTC sites. The traffic you receive is accurate, but the cost may be higher due to competition.

10. Advertise on popular blogs

If you have some investment, this is the best way. You can check out sites like BlogAds and buysellads s for some of the best blogs on offer, where you can advertise.

Your banners will appear on the sidebars of these blogs and you can get good traffic from these blogs to your PTC sites.